100 Wool

Price : 1 VND

First of all, Daewon Textile would like to convey great thanks for our main business, besides the new production as customers require, Daewon Textile Vietnam has a thousnd designs of stock which have good quality and quantity until thoudand meters. Stock fabric comes from yearly producing programs and over prodution.

Daewon's fabrics are made out of the best material from Australian and South African wool. They come through many processes after making top dye - a dyeing method for material - which is much different from yarn dye and fabric dye , which makes this fabric is very stable in color. After each process, Daewon Textile tests the fabric by in house testing to ensure good quality for our value customers. Moreover, Daewon follows Oekotex's standards for eco-friendly fabric.

With more than 40 years expeience, Daewon has been trying to make the best fabrics for customers. Besides that we have stock fabric which can be devided into:


 1. 100% wool stock : For 100% wool, it is of the highest quality due to 100% pure wool material for cusumers but needs a well care  for this fabric. By 100% wool fabric, we will have a very luxury and soft suit and the warm characteristic of wool is much preferred by customers.